Luxe RV Delivers Mercedes Benz RV Rentals With Concierge Services

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Luxe RV best RV Rental company

Luxe RV Delivers Mercedes Benz RV Rentals With Concierge Services

 Luxe RV Delivers Mercedes Benz RV Rentals With Free Concierge Services


Luxe RV is thrilled to announce its luxury RV rental and five-star concierge service that will elevate travelers’ expectations for luxury RV travel. Upscale RV travel used to be about snagging parking spots at the popular, amenity-rich RV resorts that cater to discerning campers. However, Luxe RV understands that a truly indulgent and relaxing vacation is about a blissful journey as well as an enjoyable destination.

Whether one is headed to a breezy spot on a California beach or a relaxing oasis in the Nevada desert, the call of the open road is unmistakable. Luxe RV supplies motorhome enthusiasts with everything that they need for a first-class journey to their RV resort destinations of choice. It all begins with a streamlined, hassle-free reservation process that allows a customer to rent an RV online. Great customer service is a hallmark of Luxe RV, and its customer care members stand by to answer client questions and facilitate the rental process via phone and email.

Luxe RV’s stable of leisure vehicles makes the company a benchmark for luxurious RV rental agencies. Travelers can choose from among popular RV models such as the two-bedroom Leisure Serenity or Leisure Unity that sleeps four, the three-bedroom Mercedes Coachmen Prism that accommodates six and the three-bedroom Mercedes Winnebago View that shelters a party of six. Currently, the company is the only RV rental agency in the nation to offer the Leisure Serenity as a rental vehicle. The experts at Luxe RV hand-select the most luxurious RV rental vehicles that deliver smooth rides, well-appointed interiors and all of the comforts of home. Being a top performer in this luxury niche market is not enough for Luxe RV. The company further differentiates its offerings from those of competitors through its extra amenities and free concierge services. For instance, each RV rental comes with deluxe organic linens, kitchen utensils and Internet access. Also, Luxe RV knows that handling the logistics of vacation travel is work. They offer an RV delivery and pick-up service so that clients can make the most of their vacation time.

About Luxe RV


Luxe RV was founded in 2015 and is positioned to become the best RV rental company of its class in the nation. The firm specializes in Mercedes Benz RV rentals that feature luxury, late-model vehicles, home-like amenities and convenient delivery services. Luxe RV’s all-inclusive pricing model and online reservation platform make vacation planning hassle-free. It’s exactly what one would expect from a first-rate, luxury travel company.

About the Founder


Having built and sold a major real estate developing company in Romania, Adrian Ghila has continued with his successful business interests in the U.S., as CEO of Los Angeles based Luxe RV, and founder of Earth Car Wash and Proiect 3 Holdings. Adrian’s entrepreneurial spirit, ethical business background, and corporate expertise continues to drive Luxe RV, as well as his other businesses, successfully forward.


Adrian Ghila started Luxe RV two years ago with the visionary idea of giving customers a high-class experience in RV rental that no other company does.  He saw an industry that was lacking in quality concierge service with RV rentals and added his own unique and ground-breaking style.  He saw a need no one else did with this industry and his ideas, while simple, have been well-received and needed.


Adrian is a very smart and savvy businessman and pushes himself to not only excel in all he does but especially to deliver the finest product possible to his customers.  He now lives and breathes for this industry, every day thinking of new ways to improve the quality of service his company provides.



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