The Best Scenic Drives on the West Coast

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The Best Scenic Drives on the West Coast

There’s an amazing amount of beautiful drives that can be taken on the west coast and Luxe RV has put together a list of 8 of the best scenic drives that you have to take! Just picture yourself driving all over the west coast in a hotel on wheels. Riding in luxury is a terrific way to take a drive and Luxe RV is the top way to travel so why not combine the two and take the drive of your life. We’ll start in the North and work our way down.

The North Cascades Loop

The North Cascades Loop is a 440-mile drive located in Washington and is described as one of the most astonishing drives on the west coast.
It can take up to five days depending on how many places you stop and how much fun you want to have. The best time to take the drive is during the summer and it travels through forests, orchards, mountain peaks, and desert which are located in Everett, Snohomish, Leavenworth, Wenatchee, Chelan, Winthrop, Anacortes, and Coupeville. Check out the array of YouTube videos to select your favorite stops!

The Chinook Pass

The Chinook Pass Drive often referred to as The Scenic Byway, follows the White River and approaches Mount Rainier with the option to stop or continue driving. The 96-mile drive takes around two hours and is truly a beautiful drive!

The Yakima Canyon

The Yakima Canyon, which is also a Scenic Byway, is located in Central Washington and follows the Yakima River between 2,000-feet tall canyons for 37 miles. This drive could easily be done in an hour and a half so stop and just take in nature from the luxurious inside of your RV.

The Washington Beaches

The beach drive along the southwest coast of Washington gets you up close and personal with the beautiful waters. The Willapa Nation Wildlife Refuge gets you on the water and Long Beach is a popular tourist spot where you can get some amazing food. There are also many campsites that are available along the route. Have Fun!

Oregon Coast

The 101 is popularly known as the “California Drive” but it continues further North up to Oregon. Visit Pistol River Beach, Bandon, and the Rogue River Jet Boat cruise from Gold Beach. You can also try the popular Red Fish Restaurant or Spinner’s.

California Pacific Coast Highway 101

Now on to the most popular drive, Highway 101! The California Coast has stunning ocean views on one side and mountain views on the other making for a beautiful trip. The drive spans the whole coast so it can take a while but the roads offer roadside turnouts where overnight stays are permitted. Enjoy the Giant Redwood Forest/Sequoia National Park, wineries, campgrounds, and the major Califonia cities.

Death Valley

The Death Valley Drive along Route 190 is a great one full of windy roads and tremendous views. Experience the 80-mile drive from Scotty’s Castle and experience the 60mph winds in Death Valley National Park. The 3.4 million-acre park is the country’s lowest point and is filled with over one thousand species of plants. Book with Luxe RV and take this astonishing drive now!

Lyons Valley Road

The Lyons Valley drive is a combination of mountains and valleys in San Diego is a must-see. This two-lane road climbs up to an elevation of 4,000 feet. Start in San Diego County and make your way to Lyons Valley where the views will be stupendous! Make sure when you take the drive that it is sunny so summer would be the ideal time for this drive.

We hope that this list helped you decide on the drive for you! Luxe RV is prepared for you to book now and start planning that amazing drive! Hope to hear from you soon!



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